Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Solutions, Systems, Services, and products for the Protection, Monitoring, Control, Automation, and Metering of Utility and Industrial Electric Power Systems.

LINAM(R), AutoRANGER(TM), and RadioRANGER(TM) fault indicators, and PILC sensors.

Doble Family

Doble family of products including:

  • Protective Relay and circuit breaker test equipment.
  • Online monitoring products for transformers and bushings.
  • RTS and Powerbase software solutions.
  • Morgan Schaffer Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) products and services
Morgan Schaffer
Manta Test Systems
Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc.
HICO Hyosung Corporation
Hico America

Large Power Transformers and Circuit Breakers.

VFP Equipment Shelters & Modular Structures
VFP Equipment

Engineered Control Houses and Shelters

Myers Power Products, Inc.
Myers Power Products, Inc.

Metal Enclosed Switchgear, Arc Resistant Switchgear, Permanent and Mobile Unit Substations, Non-Segragated Bus Duct, Metal Clad Switchgear.

Mega Power Systems
Mega Power Systems

Universal Test Switches, FT-1 Replacements


Transmission and distribution line hardware, current and voltage line sensors.


Complete line of electrically and manually operated Rotary Switches and Relays for electric utility, defense, and industrial monitoring and control applications.


UPS uninterruptible power supply for computer and peripheral, data center, network and server.

Elgin Power Solutions

Unitized substations, mobile substations, and a full line of other skid-mounted or wheel-mounted equipment. Enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks, specialty transformers, reactors, custom switchgear.

Inertia Engineering
Inertia Engineering

Overhead distribution switches 15kV to 38 kV 600-1200A, transmission disconnect switches 48kV to 72.5 kV up to 1200A.