Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories - Western WI

Solutions, Systems, Services, and products for the Protection, Monitoring, Control, Automation, and Metering of Utility and Industrial Electric Power Systems.

Hughes Brothers
Hughes Brothers - Western WI

Transmission structures, wood crossarms and braces, hardware, and fiberglass brackets.

Doble Family - Western WI

Doble family of products including:

  • Protective Relay and circuit breaker test equipment.
  • Online monitoring products for transformers and bushings.
  • RTS and Powerbase software solutions.
  • Morgan Schaffer Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) products and services
Morgan Schaffer
Manta Test Systems
Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc.
VFP Equipment Shelters & Modular Structures
VFP Equipment

Engineered Control Houses and Shelters

Royal Switchgear
Royal Switchgear - Western WI

Substation group-operated disconnect switches, substation and distribution hookstick disconnects, and substation connectors.

HICO Hyosung Corporation
Hico America - Western WI

Large Power Transformers and Circuit Breakers.

Myers Power Products, Inc.
Myers Power Products, Inc. - Western WI

Metal Enclosed Switchgear, Arc Resistant Switchgear, Permanent and Mobile Unit Substations, Non-Segragated Bus Duct, Metal Clad Switchgear.

Mega Power Systems
Mega Power Systems

Universal Test Switches, FT-1 Replacements

Newell-PSN, LLC
Newell-PSN - Western WI

High Voltage porcelain, glass and composite insulators.

Trench - Western WI

CVT’s, CT’s, reactors, line traps, and instrument transformers.

Old Castle
Oldcastle - Western WI

Precast Substation Security and Fire Walls, including free-standing Defender, Sentry, and Trufire walls. Vehicle and Pedestrian Rated Trench.


Street and Area Lighting and wireless controls for Utilities.

Elgin Power Solutions Logo

Unitized substations, mobile substations, and a full line of other skid-mounted or wheel-mounted equipment. Enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks, specialty transformers, reactors, custom switchgear.